Porter Peaches – a pre-spring giveaway! – contest over!

With warm weather around the corner and preparations being made to begin another season at the farmers market, I’m jonesing for fresh fruit and veggies. I’m tired of grocery store produce that was picked who-knows-when.  I’m ready for the good stuff.  Corn from Bixby, tomatoes and peppers from Oaks, asparagus, watermelon, blue berries…and Porter Peaches. 
Each July during the heat of Oklahoma people flock to the small town of Porter to pick peaches and celebrate another harvest at the Porter Peach Festival.  It’s hard to think about peaches without imagining peaches with ice cream, peaches with a sprinkling of brown sugar, or warm peach cobbler.
I’ve got a nice fingering weight merino yarn named in honor of the great Porter Peaches grown in our neighboring county. Since it’s too soon to enjoy the fruit, I’m giving away one skein of Porter Peaches colorway.  560yds/115grams
To enter the drawing, COMMENT below with your favorite way to eat or cook peaches and INCLUDE A LINK to somewhere you’ve shared about the contest whether it’s your blog, facebook, or ravelry.  That’s it! 
Porter Peaches
Contest runs through Friday February 26th, 2010, 5pm Lost City time.  
Winner will be chosen by the Random Generator.  US entries only this time.  

The contest is over and a winner will be announced later tonight – right now I need pizza!  

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35 thoughts on “Porter Peaches – a pre-spring giveaway! – contest over!

  1. My favorite way to eat peaches is when they are fresh, ripe and when you bite into the fruit juice runs down your chin! So good.

    My birthday is the 28th and I wish I win your gorgeous yarn!

    I posted on Ravelry's group “Brew Chicks With Sticks”.

  2. Sadly, living in Maine we have a very short peach season. My favorite memories of peaches are when I went to Georgia to visit my great aunt as a child, and the peaches were so very ripe and plentiful! I just remember being so shocked that the peaches were just so good and not mealy or hard.

    I love to eat peaches as they are, or with a generous helping of Breyer's natural vanilla. Soooooo good!

  3. Oh, those Porter peaches! We go to the orchard and pick a couple bushels of those peaches – they glow on the branches, and the best way to eat them is right from the tree, with the juice and flesh melting in your mouth. But I also can them up in a sauce I make out of brandy and honey from our hives, pouring the golden potion over the fiery orange, chunky slices of peach, a bit of cinnamon stick, cardamom seeds, a clove and a star anise in each quart jar. In the gray days of winter, the jars glow with the vitality of the Porter peach orchards in summer. Exquisite on ice cream. I shared this blog on Ravelry. Hm, maybe peaches & ice cream tonight…Thanks!

  4. I live in Minnesota so it can be difficult to get truly excellent peaches, even in the peak season. But if I'm lucky, I love to eat them just plain, out-of-hand. If they are a bet less than perfect, peach pie is wonderful (I LOVE pie).

  5. Hey, thanks for the comment on CB's blog.

    I love peach pie. It's one of my favorites and you don't see it too often. Pie-making is a favorite activity for me and at least once a summer I get me some Porter peaches and go to pie town. My mouth is watering. Seriously.

    I shared this posting on my blog.

  6. My favorite peach-eating method is fresh, with a nice somewhat firm resistance in the skin, and the feel of the fuzz against your lips. The kind that you eat with a paper towel or a napkin in the non-peach hand ready to catch the juices that escape the mouth and rapidly cascade down the chin threatening to drop onto whatever clothes you are wearing – no fabric avoids the peach nectar.

    I posted about your contest on my blog: http://princessofyarn.blogspot.com/2010/02/peachy-keen-jelly-bean.html

  7. I LOVE peaches but they are hard to find here in NH unless you go to the grocery store. I definatly think right off the tree is best but when you can get that here are some good alternitives:
    Cut them in to quarters and freeze them and use them as ice cubes in iced tea (i like to eat them when they are cold but too many and you get brain freeze :P)

    I also can them in syrup for the winter becasue there is nothing like a peach on a cold winters day as you crochet by the fire

    as a great summer treat I make peach friut saled
    cut up peaches with seadless grapes cruched pineapple and blueberrys
    its a hit at partys!
    link to where I posted. /now i want peaches and all I have are oranges.

  8. We love to eat peaches cooked with butter, brown sugar, a dash of cinnamon and bourbon bring the sauce to a boil to cook most of the bourbons alcohol off and spoon over vanilla ice cream.

  9. Mmmmmm…..peaches!! How we love them in this house. I've blogged about it at http://www.xanga.com/knittindiva. My favorite way to eat them…..slice and grill, drizzle with a bit of reduced balsamic vinegar and a sprinkle of goat cheese. Super yum! The best part is, the kids won't touch them this way, so I get to have them all to myself! Spring on the harvest!

  10. My favorite way to eat peaches is on toast. I will make toast, lightly butter it and then cover it with thin slices of a fresh from the market peach. Since I live in the Niagara Peninsula, peaches are just down the road from us which is awesome.
    I also made freezer jam when my kids were growing up. That was some of the best tasting jam around. Even won a blue ribbon at the local fair one year 🙂

    MariAngel (ravelry id)

  11. I love peach pie with vanilla ice cream – shared on my facebook:

    Susan Fogerty Griffith Knitters out there check out this blog for a free yarn giveawya contest!KNITTING IN THE WILD
    Acknowledging your age is part of accepting and embracing the changes. Whether those changes are gray hair, decreased stamina,

  12. My favorite way to eat peaches is in their natural state… just raw. I love the fuzzy skin and the juice and the weird grainy texture at the core. I also have a cat named Mr. Peach, for no apparent reason. Thanks for an awesome contest!

  13. My favorite way to eat peaches only happens when I'm around a campfire. First I cut them in half and take out the pits, then I put a little butter on and sprinkle them with cinnamon and sugar. I wrap foil around them and stick them in the coals for awhile and the eat! It tastes sort of like a peach pie, but without a crust. It's great with apricots too.
    I plurked about the contest

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