A new yarn – Portland, 2004

On a trip to Portland, Oregon in 2004, I picked up one of the hundreds of chestnuts that had fallen on the street near our hotel. I’ve kept it in my coat pocket ever since, and am reminded of that trip each fall when I retrieve that coat.
This silk colorway, in turn, reminds me of that chestnut, and like the treasure in my pocket, is smooth to the touch and rich in color.

Lost City Silk
colorway: Portland, 2004

The first online order of this yarn will also receive a copy of 
Piecework magazine’s 4th Annual Historical Knitting Issue.  

Portland, 2004

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6 thoughts on “A new yarn – Portland, 2004

  1. Growing up, we called these “buckeyes” and loved peeling back the spikey green covering to find the shiny buckeyes! I kept them in a cigar box in my room…

    I love your new colorway, it's perfect!

  2. Thanks! I'm definitely crazy about this colorway! I love a good rich brown. ::grin::

    A friend often remarks that I wear A LOT of brown.

    That Portland and west coast tip has been a topic of late around our house. We're thinking of doing part of it again. Riding our tandem down Hwy 1 in the fall of 2010.

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