A few thoughts on aging

When a handsome man looking across the breakfast table says –
“You’re aging well”
you know it’s going to be a good day.  
Acknowledging your age is part of accepting and embracing the changes.  Whether those changes are gray hair, decreased stamina, wrinkles or rouge chin hairs they are simply part of the process.  I’ve long held certain older women in high esteem.  Women who are aware of their age and have enthusiasm for life, are not afraid of taking on new challenges, and do not hide or deny their age or stage of life.  
There are women I know who in their thirties that despair at their advancing years and speak of being “old”.  Their life is not behind them – only their youth.  And I wonder if I said such things, I cannot recall.  But in short time, I will turn fifty-one.  Embracing the changes of life takes everyday effort to be aware of them, closer inspection of body, mind and spirit.  
Yes, my skin is not as taut as it once was.  Age spots are peppering my hands.  Silver glistens in my brown hair.  I use the rearview mirror for plucking.  Reading glasses are essential.  Wrinkles give me character lines.  I love this decade of my life.

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5 thoughts on “A few thoughts on aging

  1. I'm a decade ahead of you! It's hard to slow down physically, but, as my dad used to say, a whole lot better than the alternative, by which he meant cashing it in altogether…

  2. I turned 60 a couple months ago and is was not my best!…like going to an alternate universe..but your thoughts, may help with the attitude adustment I'm in sore need of. thanks.

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