New Yarn!

One new colorway – Wild Violet in silk has been added to the Yarn Shop link on the sidebar!  Due to several requests I recreated the colorway I used in my Wild Violet Echo (thank goodness I take notes in the studio) and have two additional skeins available for sale.

The creative juices have really been flowing lately and I’ll add probably two more yarns to the line-up this week.  One is drying now and the other is in my head beating a wild tattoo to come out.  
There are times when I see the perfect shades or color combinations in the oddest places.  Last night I was dubbed “weird” for sharing a very very odd spot where nature inspired me, so I think I’ll just keep that one under my hat for a bit.  There’s just no way to explain the magic that I feel when the muses of color are at play in my heart and mind without sounding like a complete and utter lunatic.  ::grin:: 
It’s easier to just show the outcome.  Take a walk in the woods this spring, and you might just see the inspiration for this one. Below is a close up the Wild Violet Silk 1000yds/90grams.  The other yarns will be added in a day or two.  
Wild Violet colorway

6 thoughts on “New Yarn!

  1. Deeep deeep sigh.
    I so want to buy that violet silk. (I'm in DEEEP covet now). But today I wrote the starter check to the guy who is fixing all the places where the ceiling drywall is trying to divorce the wall drywall in my house.
    The only good part about that whole mess is that my bedroom has so many places that are now covered in dry-wall mud that we have to just paint the room…. and I get to pick a new color (we've not painted since we moved in … and the color was never my favorite)

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