A Barn House Concert….

As I write this I see just a few flakes floating down.  Another storm heading east I assume.  Our farm is in the foothills of the Ozarks, near Tahlequah, OK. We’ve become hermits this winter – rarely venturing off the farm into what some refer to as civilization.  Honestly, I’m looking forward to another round of being snowed in.  I know, I know – not for everyone.  

Last night we drove to Perkins, OK for a house concert. One of our favorite local singer/songwriters is John Fullbright, of Okemah (home of Woody Guthrie) and he was playing at Monica Taylor’s house. (If you’re fans of Prairie Home Companion you may have heard Monica just over a year ago sing one of my favorite songs of hers, Young Mother.)  

John is, I guess, classified as a folk singer although he reminds me of a young Leonard Cohen, probably because I’ve never heard anyone else sing Cohen’s Hallelujah with such depth.  Fullbright has a deep old soul for a man of 21 or 22.  His music can hush a crowded bar room (or a living room of thirty folks) if he’s singing a ballad or broken hearted lament, or if he takes off on a Leon Russell bent he’ll get people stomping and hooting for more.  Regardless of what he sings – the crowd is always awed by his talent.  

From the comments of others last night there obviously is a growing movement away from high end polished over-produced music and back to the roots of music in folk, bluegrass, and acoustic.  In fact, there were announcements and flyers about other upcoming house concerts around the state, some in small towns, some in Tulsa.  Listening to incredibly talented musicians in the home of a friend, or enjoying a jam session with family and friends is nothing new I realize, but for those of us without musical talent whatsoever house concerts are a great chance to step for a few hours into a world where music isn’t just what you’re fed through your car radio by big industry.  Find a house concert near you – go.  


2 thoughts on “A Barn House Concert….

  1. I should have guessed you for a Leonardphile. So many cool people love him, and yet it still seems like most of the people I meet haven't heard of him at all. This guy doesn't have the quiet passion that I love so much in Leonard's Halleluia, but he certainly has talent.

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