Who Dat? And a Lily in Red.

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Anyone who knows me knows I care diddly-squat about football.  But this weekend the New Orleans Saints are playing and, despite the poor decision of the hosting network choosing to air an anti-choice commercial and taking a pass on an ad from mancrush.com, I’ll be watching the Super Bowl this weekend.  Why? Robert Meachum.  It’s rare for me to actually know someone playing in the Super Bowl (it’s only happened once before that I know of) I do know – or knew – Robbie when he was playing basketball and football for the Carver Wildcats and the Booker T Washington Hornets in Tulsa.  Robbie and my daughter Hillarey were classmates and last night Hillarey called to give me the head’s up about Robbie.  As I was telling Chris, Robbie was one of the kids that stood out in a class of fine athletes, not just for his ability on the court or field but because of his manners.  Raised by his auntie, Robbie always called the mothers M’am or Mrs. He could be cutting up with the other boys but the moment he spotted one of the moms any foul language that might have reached our ears was immediately apologized for.  Robert Meechum was a good kid that was liked by classmates, parents, teachers and coaches.  And a fine athlete.  I’m betting he’s the same type of man.
So Sunday night the answer to Who Dat? cheering for the Saints,
 will be Me Dat! cheering for  the Saints!
Thanks to everyone’s comments after my frustrating day designing yesterday.  I really wanted that lily to work.  But I’ve let go of it – for now.  The yarn was still calling my name (yarns do that and if you don’t believe me just bring some luscious fiber into your home and see if you don’t catching yourselves heeding it’s call and fondling it to no end).  I knew I wanted something floral, and lilies kept popping into my brain so I pulled Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace Of Estonia off the shelf.  Not just a post-it note but an index card was stuck inside and when I flopped the book open I found it marking the page for the Lily of the Valley Scarf.  Go figure.  Huh.  The Knitting Goddess works that way (I think it’s also her voice we hear from the yarn but that’s just conjecture.)
Behold – the border chart of Lily in Red
Lily of the Valley in Red

Oh and there will be nupps – lots of nupps. 


5 thoughts on “Who Dat? And a Lily in Red.

  1. Denise: Just when I despair, when I think I'm the only free thinker in the Universe, you post something I can hang onto: a pox upon the network for choosing anti-choice and through omission, bigotry.

    I don't know young Robert Meachum, but he's my Super Bowl darling.

    Go marching in, Saints.


    knice knotting, btw

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