Releasing the Meatballs – Again.

4:50pm             HIM: Hi – hold on.  I’m back, what’s up?
                        ME: I’m a really good knitter.  I stink at designing. Stink.
                        HIM: I thought we’d already established that. (we’ve gone through this before)
                        ME: Apparently I needed to remind myself.
                        HIM: So your day didn’t go well?
                        ME: How far away are you?
                        HIM: Near the Spring Valley Fire Department.  I’ll be home in ten minutes.
                        ME:  I’ll see you then.
Then I walked.  First the upper pasture.  Then as I was entering the barnyard he pulled through.
                        HIM: Going for a walk?
                        ME: Yeah….(sigh)
Then I walked the lower pasture, through the farmyard and back to the house. 
By the time I walked in the door I’d pretty much blown off all of the frustration of a day wasted.  Let me correct that, a day ALONE wasted. 
At breakfast I’d said I needed a day alone to work on a design that’d been in my head for a week.  What I’d forgotten was that I learned some time ago that I’m not a knitting designer.  I’m a good knitter and I’m a good dyer, and I’m even halfway decent as a test knitter.  By the end of the day I’d wasted both yarn and precious time and had nothing more than a single little 6×6 inch swatch that I’m happy with to show for my efforts. swatch
The skein I’d been working with is now in a bag.  The stitch dictionaries are on the shelf.  And I’m once again Releasing the Meatballs. 
Releasing the Meatballs is a saying Sylvia Tuers used when she decided to let go of things.  As a young bride Sylvia always made meatballs as part of Christmas dinner.  The family loved the meatballs.  Meatballs are labor intensive but delicious. They were a tradition that each year family members looked forward to.  Ten years after the kids were grown Sylvia decided not to make meatballs.  She was tired of the hours of work they required each year as just a small part of a large meal.
On Christmas Day everyone asked where Sylvia’s meatballs were.  Were they still in the kitchen?  No Sylvia told them.  “I’ve Released the Meatballs (as Sylvia explained this it was said with dramatic hand gestures).  There will be no more unless someone else wants to make them.” 
I’m a good knitter and I’m a good dyer. 
I’m Releasing the Meatballs of Design.  Again.

On the up side – Chris is making cupcakes for the weekend.  Life can’t be all that bad, now can it?
More on the fun filled Oklahoma weekend tomorrow.  I’ve got knitting to do.


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7 thoughts on “Releasing the Meatballs – Again.

  1. I love this! Sometimes it's so hard to let go, but I think after you come to realize that there are limitations to what you can do, you can allow yourself to really thrive at what you're really great at. Happy Knitting!

  2. I stink at designing lace, but I've found that designing cables is amazingly easy and satisfying! You can take that cable needle and move those stitches…wherever you want them! The number of stitches magically stays the same, and you can choose whether to sneak the cable stitch-by-stitch across a purl-side background or boldly twist it over a knit-side foreground. The cable doesn't care. It'll lay there, happily raised and rope-like, wherever you put it.

    I guess my point is, if you're gonna do a braid pattern, you might as well do it in a cable. And design away, my dear. Someday I'll post pictures of the fishy cable socks I designed for my Mister.

  3. Me neither, sis, I'm no designer, but I've been wanting to do something with that lily stitch pattern from your swatch for a long time. Maybe I'll just do a simple scarf…
    Happy cupcakes!

  4. My Dear:

    One day you'll want to design and you will design. The secret is to keep acting on the urge. If it comes to your head, one of these days it will come out your hands. This is not sappy drivel. It's true. As a creative person you know this. Any one who knits like a mink can design knitting. I know this.

    Release the meatballs fer now. But some day you'll get a hankering for 'em and feel the need to design and knit 'em….that may be an unsuccessful image.


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