Wild Violet Echo Flower

This morning I finally took the Echo Flower off the blocking wires.  Chris was a good sport and we tromped out in the snow for some photos.  Silk and wellies – that’s how we do it in the country.

This is the same pattern I used for Mom’s Pink Champagne shawl but this time with 7-stitch nupps (rhymes with soups) which are a standard stitch used in Estonian lace designs.  It’s similar to a bobble but much more fun.  Beads were placed on the odd (right side) row after the nupp was purled together on the (even side) row. The tricky part of executing the nupp is getting the stitch lose enough.  
Here’s the how-to on making a nupp.  It takes practice.  
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Knit into the stitch on your left needle without removing it from the needle, then yarn-over and knit into it again, then yarn-over and knit into it again. Usually I’ve seen this repeated until either seven or nine loops are created in the one stitch.  When you have the desired amount (7 in my case)  you move the stitch (which now is 7) onto the right needle just as you normally would.  When you finish your row and are purling back and come to the nupp you purl ALL of those 7 stitches as one.  
Like I said – keeping those loops lose makes all the difference in the world in purling them together.  Also your yarn choice plays an important factor. I’ve done nupps in an alpaca with heavy halo and it was wicked hard to purl.  Silk is a dream for making nupps as I discovered on this project.  
The yarn is one of my Lost City Silk yarns, about 450yds worth.  Seven repeats of the star flower chart, and seven stitch nupps.  Funny thing about this particular skein – it’s a one-off.  I tossed it into the dye pot  to soak up some excess dye after getting the color I wanted on some wool several months back.  It turned out very pretty I thought and so I had the skein for sale at several of our last fall shows.  No takers.  Go figure.  
An additional thank you to Paul for buying the hat for Chris in a slightly smaller size than his head.  
Echo Flower Shawl - wild violet silk
Echo Flower Shawl - wild violet silk
Echo Flower Shawl - wild violet silk
Echo Flower Shawl - wild violet silk
Echo Flower Shawl - wild violet silk
Echo Flower Shawl - wild violet silk
Echo Flower Shawl - wild violet silk
Echo Flower Shawl - wild violet silk
For anyone who would like to know more about the nupp, here is a YouTube clip of knitting historian Nancy Bush.  I also recommend her book Knitted Lace of Estonia, and the fantastic book Haapsalu Sall which has recently been translated from Estonian to English.  It’s a truly beautiful book.

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  1. Hi there! I just found your blog through ravelry and wanted to let you know that I love it! Your photos are beautiful! I signed up to be a follower, so I'll be reading more! Take care!

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