Saying Thank You

We stayed up late last night – waiting for the doom.  One big crack from a nearby tree was all we heard.  Nothing like the constant bombardment of breaking limbs from previous ice storms.  I’m sure it’s not over yet but I thought I’d take the time today to offer thanks. 
Usually when I sit down to write a blog post I think one or two of my knitting or farmer buddies will read the post.  Maybe my parents.  With this as my general state of mind I was gobsmacked when I was told that my humble knitting blog has been nominated in the Okie Blog Awards this year.  I’m still a little shocked.  But a big thank you to Tasha Does Tulsa for this nomination!  I’m honored with the nomination and am grinning like a loon here in the Rabbit Hole. 
Since I’m assuming it’s in the Craft category – I’ll show you my knitting progress from last night.  You can get six rows and a bind off completed when you’re waiting for the next Ice Age to happen.
The Echo Flower Shawl – soaking before blocking.  Just a big puddle of purple huh?  Wait till you see how great it’s going to look!  Blocking is magic!
I also want to send a big thank you to my big sister.  She’s the daughter with the big house, extra bed, the generator, and Larry the Cable Guy on TV.  My parent’s power went out last night and they skedaddled over to Sis’s house for warmth and shelter.  My sister is a good daughter.  I’m the one with the little house, an extra couch, and The Real Dirt About Farmer John on Netflix.  I don’t think my folks would care for Farmer John.
However – if you are interested in a documentary about a kid growing up on a family farm in the mid-west who balances his quirky creative life and farming, loses the majority of the farm land in the 1980’s and then rebuilds it into one of the biggest CSA’s around  The Real Dirt About Farmer John might just be something you should Netflix. 
While we still have power and internet I’ll post this puppy then go out to de-ice and refill our feeders.  The jays, cardinals, and red breasted woodpeckers have bumped the titmice and chickadees away enough times to empty the feeders.  

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7 thoughts on “Saying Thank You

  1. Hey Denise:

    When my iris bloom, I swear they SMELL purple. I got the same olfactory rush from your purple puddle.

    I concur, despite the breathless delivery of local weatherheads, the Holler hasn't seen much but a little ice and a lovely snowfall. It's grand living where seasons change.

    Best wishes on your nomination. When will you know you've won?



  2. Maybe it's the lavender bath that I rinse my yarns in that your smelling? Lean closer to the screen and sniff…

    My journal entry today is about being secluded on the farm versus in a city. Guess where I prefer. Uh huh.

    The voting I think begins on the 5th of February and I have no idea when it ends. I doubt I win anything – I was surprised just to be nominated!

  3. What a great sister! I know I would love to see The Dirt About Farmer John. It's my kind of show…and my mom's…cuz we are country folk.
    Those jays and woodpeckers must fly over here to WA when they are through with your feeders.

  4. Oh, you're done with Echo! How exciting. I can't wait to make a start on mine… come to think of it, I can't wait to try and find some yarn that will fit it lol Can't wait to see it blocked.

  5. Congrats on the nomination on the blog. That purple lace is amazing. You really are gifted when it comes to lace. I'll stick with socks 🙂
    I'm putting Farmer John on the netflix queue. thanks for the tip.
    love from Memphis, where we didn't get any snow, just ice/sleet that looked like snow until it piled up and got rock hard.

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