Impending Doom Preparedness

The weather forecast is calling for ice and snow.  Impending doom and gloom (for some – I kind of like this kind of weather myself) jump starts Okies into grocery store runs.  The shelves will be empty of bread, bottled water, and probably peanut butter by nightfall.  var gaJsHost = ((“https:” == document.location.protocol) ? “https://ssl.” : “http://www.”);document.write(unescape(“%3Cscript src='” + gaJsHost + “’ type=’text/javascript’%3E%3C/script%3E”));
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We have tickets tonight for August:Osage County at the PAC so all disaster preparation must be done today.  At breakfast Chris went so far as to make a list.  He even broke into columns, DP (disaster prep) and an titled electronic list.  I usually wing such things.
  • raised beds covered – check
  • buckets for toilet water filled – check
  • coolers for drinking water filled – check
  • wood moved from pile to porch – half check
  • move vehicles out into pasture away from trees – check
  • charge flashlight – check
  • distribute candles – 
  • bake ham – in the oven
  • ( I was vetoed when I tried to add bake cupcakes to this list)
  • photo yarn
  • photo patchouli soap
  • food coop producer notes 
  • add yarn & soap to food coop
Isn’t he organized?  These lists were for both of us but of course I had my own list.
  • print clue #4 of mystery shawl (people it’s a luna moth – I just know it!) – check
  • have Wild Violet Echo Flower shawl at the ready (only 6 rows to go)- check
  • set out both single socks that need mates knitted – check
  • wind Saffron Threads yarn for Trach B shawl (just in case all other projects get completed or bore me) – next thing to do
  • charge ipod – check
  • check ink cartridges for newly reclaimed fountain pen (found in a box of old journals and datebooks) – check
  • White Witch is almost 1/2 finished so line up next book to read (oh hell just pick one from the big stack)
And since last night I noticed my favorite funky socks have holes in both heels I’ll pull out another ball of Tempted sock yarn just in case.
Have I forgotten anything?
edited to add: wash hair – check, shave legs – check
I don’t know why but these seemed important
cupcakes were vetoed but I think I’ve got time to bake biscotti!

4 thoughts on “Impending Doom Preparedness

  1. Good luck with the storm!!
    Hope all is well. And just because I've gone through losing everything, it's a good idea when threatened, to have pictures of the interior of your home and it's contents, at least all tht's really valuable (in whatever way) so you can prove to the ins. co. that you did, indeed have them in your home… Also it's good to keep all really important docs in large plastic storage boxes or bags all together so you can find them easily.
    (I know, it's just ice and snow, but still, it's a good idea)
    Stay warm, enjoy your knitting, and veto his veto of cupcakes!!!

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