32 is more than 23

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Remember back when CMelvin intrigued me with the Mmario Mystery Shawl?  I dyed some lovely green merino lace and stash dived for some nice green beads that would go with the suggested color from the designer.  I expect the pattern will reveal itself as we near the mid section of the shawl but people in the group are hazarding guesses right and left.  Guesses from dachshunds to dragons tossed about. Feel free to offer your guesses in the comments as I plan to post photos after each clue.
Clue One really stoked my curiosity with a strange cast on that made me (and hundreds of other knitters) think outside the box.  I love that.  Just love it.

 Today I sat down to work on Clue 2 since Clue 3 will soon be issued.  The goal is to stay caught up with the knitting as the clues are released so I don’t get discouraged or look like boob when I ask questions that were answered weeks before when the rest of the group was knitting that part of the shawl.

But for some reason I bonked and instead of casting on 32 stitches for the second section (yep – you cast on more stitches without breaking your yarn!) I cast on 23. I made great progress – was 2/3 of the way  through the chart when I started getting this vibe that something was wrong.  I kept knitting.  Then about two rows later I had to admit to myself that I’d futzed it up.
Time to frog (rip rip rip).  I did manage to get it back to exactly the end of Clue 1, beads removed along the way without too much fuss.
After dinner I’ll begin again.  Casting on 32 stitches.




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