Three Dog Night

The thermometer low for the night reads 4F.
(that’s -15.5C I believe)

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Near midnight with minor effort we managed to get all three dogs inside the house.  Katie was carried by Chris from the pole barn.  Stormy followed my call from the lower pasture up to the house and inside.  Martha had to be carried in from the front porch by Chris (if it had been thundering she would have raced between his legs).  It was a first as all three are outside tough and tumble, roaming the countryside, sleeping on hay bales, chasing deer all night, farm dogs.  Each found a rug to curl upon, in separate rooms on the first floor and quiet descended.
End of story.  Really.  I expected wild shenanigans and dogs barking or marauding the pantry.  Nothin’.
This morning they were released again to the wild life they normally lead.  I do wonder if they will show up on the porch again tonight though.  They are not stupid animals.
Comfort being the theme of the past day or two I’ve put a pot of beans on to cook and snapped a photo of what remains of the Devil’s Food Cupcakes.  Bread baking was postponed since we had planned pizza for dinner last night.  
While I’ve been working on a silk lace shawl what speaks to me now is knitting on something warm. A sweater or socks I think.  No fear – I have both already on the needles.
The thermometer now reads  18F.  It’s warming up.



3 thoughts on “Three Dog Night

  1. wow cold and more cold glad you got your dogs in . I remember you told us in an earlier post about someone losing their dog . so sad . glad you got yours .

  2. Two cupcake posts in a row?!!
    You are absolutely mean!
    Here in New Orleans it is so cold that we actually beg our two big fuzzies to sleep in bed with us, even though it's only a queen size.
    I know it won't seem like cold to you, but the lows have been in the low twenties, and believe me, that's cold here, between the lake and the river.
    Tonight I will make some crawfish etouffe, so there!
    nolaboard (jessica)

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