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A man’s voice calls in the distance.  Within a minute it repeats and I turn my head to try and locate the direction from which it’s coming.  Southeast.  The lower pasture?

A hound dog yelps.  In response our three dogs who were dozing give a half-hearted bark.  The voices, human and hound are coming from down near the creek.  

On Christmas Eve, the day the blizzard was expected, a neighbor lost their labrador.  Now, more than ten days later they are still searching.  

The voices repeat in heartbreak.  


5 thoughts on “Voices

  1. oooh nooo,
    That is too sad..
    I hope someone out there found him and is feeding him and keeping him warm.
    (I think sometimes I love dogs more than people–and I have lovely people in my life, too!)

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