10Shawls2010 Tempt Me Giveaway

Edited to Add: The contest is over!  Happy New Year Everyone!  A winner will be announced soon.  
Thanks to everyone for all the inspiration.

On Ravelry there is a new group formed with the goal of knitting 10 lace shawls in 2010.

Ten Shawls in twelve months.  Yeah – it’s crazy.

To qualify as a 10shawls2010 the shawls cannot be cast on before January 1st.  Now the rules are set to allow small shawls and scarf of 250 yds up.  Many lace knitters are queueing up all sorts of fun shawls and scarfs, some are going to chose patterns as they come by way of inspiration.

Since all of my holiday knitting is complete I’ve been trying to divert myself from starting a new lace project.  It’s hard my friends.  You have no idea how deep my addiction to lace goes.  For example, I woke around 1:30am today and pulled my Icarus Shawl out of hibernation and knit a nice long row.  It felt so good I’m sure I was purring by 3:00am.

While I have umpteen shawls in my 10shawls2010 queue I’m certain I’ll be switching the order as new projects catch my attention.  So I thought I’d see if the knitting readers wanted to play along in the mania by entering a contest.

What’s at stake you ask?  Yarn!  More on that in a moment.

First things first though.  How to enter: Comment below with a pattern suggestion.  Anything between 300-1000 yards, the pattern must be in the Ravelry database or website download, and intriguing.  Yep – pull out all the stops – Nupps.  Beads.  Estonian.  German.  Russian.

Then post on your blog,  facebook, twitter, or Ravelry about this contest (include a link) – and include a link to your post in your comment below.

Here is a list of shawls already in queue that cannot be included in the contest.

Trachentuch A by Erich Engeln
Baltic Blossoms by Evelyn Clark
Swallowtail by Evelyn Clark
Night Blooms by ThatLoganChick
Percy Shawl by Sanne Kalkman
Elm Row by Anne Hanson
Hecate Stole by BadCatDesigns
Norwegian Woods by Sivia Harding
Gail (aka Nightsongs) by MaweLucky
South for the Winter by Anna Dalvi
Artichaut by Anne Hanson
North Roe by Dodile
Lilac Leaf by Nancy Bush
Traveling Woman by Liz Abinante
Bitterroot by Rosemary Hill
Pivot by Michelle Miller

Nor can any of the shawls I’ve already knit be considered fair game for entry.  They’re listed in the right side panel.

Now back to the prize.  Silk my friends.  A 500yd skein of Lost City Knits Silver Bells yarn.

Silver Bells in Silk

Now come on knitters – let’s get crazy!

Contest ends Midnight December 31 – Lost City Time.

Happy Holidays Everyone!  

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33 thoughts on “10Shawls2010 Tempt Me Giveaway

  1. I know I already won (and I'm knitting the Travelling Woman shawl cause I can't wait til Jan.!!, I love it)
    but here's some things I may or may not knit for the 10 shawls kAL
    Hemlock Ring –Jared Flood
    Seascape __ Evelyn Clark
    In the woods Laura Patterson
    My Valentine – Shui Kuen Kozinski
    Hanami – Melanie Gibbons
    Creatures of the reef – Dorothy Siemens
    Dovecote – Anne Hanson
    Diamond dream – Alpaca Yarn
    Bordeaux – Janine le Cras
    High Seas – Kieran Foley
    Antarctica – Kalinumba
    whew! I'll never get to all of these!!

  2. My choice would be Bee Fields by Anne Hanson. I'm considering the 10 in 10 challenge myself (am just doing the finishing on my final top for NaKniSweMoDo and can't decide if another challenge is folly). Anne's patterns would make up a bunch of mine, as would Nancy Bush's.

  3. I can't quite commit to 10 in 2010 but I have already picked 3 for certain I want to knit in 2010…hope one of these strike you!
    Feather Duster by Susan Lawrence
    Ethereal Fichu by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer
    Charmed Floral Fantasy Shawl by Madison St. John

  4. Well … I love your yarn (god that silk is gorgeous), but I would want to crochet one in the pink champagne. My choice would be the Apple Blossom stole from Kai Mistry.

  5. La Cumparsita by Marnie MacLean is in my queue, as well as the aforementioned Icarus and the Fountain Pen Shawl too. I have (regrettably?) become addicted to lace, but I'm a much slower knitter. 🙂

  6. My choice would have to be the Cameron Shawl from Sharon Miller.

    I am going to post this on my Twitter page, but have no idea how to put a link to your site here.

  7. I have 4 new design on ravelry, under my name, Linda Choo or LindaCC on ravelry. They all meet the requirements for 10shawls2010:
    – Falling Birch Leaves
    – Willow Leaf Stole
    – Leaf and Flower Shawl
    – Spring Trellis Shawl

    I plan to do a few more designs for 10shawls2010

  8. You really know how to motivate a gal don't you.
    If I can get the pattern edited in time, I'll suggest my own Stars over Diamonds Shawl… it'll take about 500 yards & loves beads.

  9. This isn't a particularly challenging one, but can be very effective with variegated yarns and is good for a mental break: the Feather and Fan Comfort shawl. I'm knitting my second now! 🙂

  10. What a wonderful contest! Thanks for not only the chance to win some lovely yarn, but for bloating my rav quewue even more, lol!

    I noticed you knit Susan Pandorf's Moroccan Days/Arabian Nights … I'm planning to cast on for her stole, Mehndi, perhaps that would tickle your interest?

  11. Anything by Susan Pandorf of Sunflower Designs … To see all the designs she has that are shawls between 300-1000 yards, sign in to ravelry, and then go to this address:


    My favorites from these include zinnia, poinsetta, hydrangea, snowdrift, mehndi, and chinoise. She's running a deal right now if you buy the 2008 or 2009 garden collection, you get a free pattern, and I am trying hard to resist it! It's the only way to get poinsetta, though, so I might break down in the next day or two.

  12. Here's a few from my favorites list that meet your criteria

    Onerva by Särmä
    Eliina Shawl by Lankakomero
    Vernal Equinox Shawl Surprise by Lankakomero

    And while the last one is less than 300 yards, you can easily add rows to make it bigger. I just knit it out of handspun.
    Little Arrowhead Shawl by Pam Allen

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