It’s a Knitaversary Giveaway!

Four years ago my good friend Danny taught me to knit.  Or as Chris has said, that is when I learned I was a natural-born-knitter.
To celebrate I’m giving away one skein of merino fingering weight yarn. 
I dyed it – you name it! (Naming colorways are half the fun of dyeing yarn!)
Here’s how to play along…
Two skeins are shown below. Post in the comments below what you would name the colorway you’d like to own and provide a link to either a blog, facebook, ravelry, or twitter comment about the contest.
Each skein is over 500yds of organic merino. 
The winner will be chosen based on creativity and announced on Wednesday – noonish Central Daylight Time. 
If you’re not into yarn and are in search of a little different contest, become a fan of Clear Creek Lavender on Facebook where we’re giving away one of our Greatest Hits Boxed Sets in a haiku contest.

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28 thoughts on “It’s a Knitaversary Giveaway!

  1. I love the blue/green one. I'd call it Neptune – you know, the Roman god of the water ad the seas. It's clean, it's simple, it's Neptune-y.

    Plus, I think Neptune is still a planet (after what they did to Pluto, no planet is safe), which is also blue and green. See?

    I'll be writing about this contest over at Cool contest – thanks for the opportunity!

  2. I think Sapphire Sea Glass would be a great name for the blue one, and it's my favorite or the two. I think a great name for the other one would be Carmel Apple Cheesecake.

    I don't have a blog, ravelry, or twitter, and my facebook is private because I am a school teacher and don't need students checking up on me. I totally posted a link about this contest on my status though! I don't know how to prove it though….I'm not that savvy = (

  3. I'd call the blue one “November Sky” since that's what the sky looks like here when it's clear out but cold. I love the bits of green in it.

    The russet one I would call sweet potato, since it reminds me of one of my very favorite veggies! Mmm, all warm from the oven. Must not cook yarn…

    I'm kelbel on ravelry. Happy Blogiversary!

  4. Congratulations!

    I would call the blue one -true confessions- for blue is the colour of purity

    And I would call the other -wood on fire- because these warm colours I see in a open fire

  5. Oooh, beautiful colors!
    I am especially partial to the second one-it's the color of the dessert I made for Thanksgiving. Sweet Potato Pie! Yum.

  6. “Seafoam” for the blue/green yarn. It looks just like the lovely mix of blues and turq greens that you see in warm salt water in the early afternoon that has a touch of seafoam on it. It could also be “Ocean from above” as it also looks like the color that the oceans appear when seen from far above the earth looking down on it.

    “Sunset” or “Southwest Sunset” for the shades of orange yarn. The colors look a lot like the first colors that you see in the sky/clouds at sunset during the monsoon season here in southern AZ. (With a touch of yellow you would have the color almost a perfect match for it. Or with a touch of pale red you would have the second phase of the sunset colors.) Although “Sand Storm” could work as the colors of orange also look like a sand storm in the distance here. Then again “Southwest Mesas” would work with the browns in it the colors remind me of seeing mesas in the distance in late afternoon sunlight.

    Pick one? Impossible! If I am lucky enough to win one of them flip a coin for me. Heads blue, tails orange. Best 2 out of 3, or well, 5 out of 7… Then again you could just give me both… 😉

    So do I get disqualified for giving more than 1 idea for each? I hope not but the colors bring to mind all of these things to me when I see them. 🙂

    I'm bendis on Ravelry and saw this in a thread there:

    An aside:
    If you are interested I have some good pics of the different phases of the colors of monsoon sunsets here that I could send you. Check bendis_thrace (my acct name) on flickr to see 1 pic of rain cells that are very close to the color of the orange yarn. (in the misc pics set I think)

  7. I think of “Blue Bayou” for the first yarn. The music of Linda Ronstadt is running through my head. What a a lovely colorway for a “Calming” knit. I am on Ravelry as: Yarnlady08 and I will post a link.

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