Happy Birthday Mom!

Eighty-one years ago a wonderful thing occurred.  Melba Louise was born to Ida (Conn) and Floyd Hillary Gibson.
Here’s a look at some of the great photos of my mother, Melba Louise (Gibson) Bell.

This is one of my favorite photos of Mom, taken I believe when she was in High School in Sand Springs, Oklahoma.

Mom and Dad (Edgar Bell) with Mom’s best friend,Virginia Furr (aka Aunt Ginner)
My maternal grandmother, Ida (Conn) Gibson, Melba (Gibson) Bell, and my sister Londa (Bell) Floyd.
Mom with her baby sister, Johnnie Mae (Gibson) Morgan.
Here is another of Mom with my sister, Londa.  Don’t you love that suit!
I have no idea where this photo of Mom was taken but possibly outside a variety store that she and my father owned in the early 1950’s.
Mom as a car model in sailor buttoned short-shorts.
If I could whistle I would!
Another one of my favorite photos of Mom.  Isn’t she lovely!

Three generations.  From left to right –
Londa (Bell) Floyd, Denise Bell, Melba (Gibson) Bell, and my daughter Hillarey Dees.
What a line up!

I love you Mom.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mom!

  1. All you ladies are just beautifull and such wonderfull smiles . Happy bday to your mom and what a wonderfull looking group there and you dont look old enough to have a daughter that age .

  2. Aren't our moms amazing? And they are what formed us…for good or bad I see myself in my mother all the time.
    This was Wonderful Denise!
    Oh and my new camera is a Nikon Coolpix….

  3. PS, I notice that the Canterbury Tales is in your reading queue. I remember reading it in my late teens and being surprised at just how filthy it was. Enjoy!

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