A Hoopin’ Good Evening!

Last night we took a few hours off from prepping for the next few lavender events and drove into Tulsa for dinner with my daughter Hillarey and her partner Lance.  Actually one of the bands Lance plays in was the evening’s feature entertainment at one of our favorite eateries, Elote in downtown Tulsa.  Lance is one of those wildly talented musicians who plays by ear and can play any string or percussion instrument you hand him.  Last night’s band was Jirraff (I think I got that right!)  – an acronym for jazz-improv-and-reggae-rock-funk-fusion.  Lance is also the lead guitarist for Sam and the Stylees, an award winning local reggae band.  Fantastic music!  I’m constantly impressed by the music Lance and his buddies create!

It was also hoop-for-half-priced-entrees night Elote.  Now who can pass up a chance to hula hoop for dinner?  Not us!  Hillarey and I both hooped our hearts out along with many of the other people in attendance. (I’m in the white shirt, the other photos are of Hillarey) Even Libby the owner was hooping out on the sidewalk and street.  I’m sure that people driving through a quiet Tuesday night in downtown Tulsa were surprised when they turned onto Boston Avenue and encountered people having a grand time hooping up a storm!!
(A big thank you to Danny for the photos!)


3 thoughts on “A Hoopin’ Good Evening!

  1. Oh I wish you had!

    Every time I hear Jirraff they are even better than the last! There were two more musicians than when you heard them at Hibiscus, a bass and a guitar.

    What's really fun about Hoop night at Elote is that when you walk in there are a half dozen hoops beside the check in podium, then people show up with THEIR OWN hoops too!

    On Day of the Dead Libby is going to hoop with FIRE!!!! You guys should go!!! (we'll be on vacation in NYC)

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