The Danger of Wearing Blinders

Next week all items registered for the craft exhibits must be dropped off at the Tulsa State Fair.

Since we’ll be in Winfield, Kansas at the Walnut Valley Guitar Festival a kind knitter named QuilterKat has agreed to take my Blue Silk Aeolian to the fairgrounds to deliver along with her fair entries. She’s a good person, that QuilterKat. Of course, this means I must have the shawl to Kat before we leave for Kansas on Wednesday. I’ve been working hard each evening knitting my little heart out.

Bead – knit – bead – knitknitknit….

A few moments ago I finished row 41 of the Edging Chart. Boy did I feel good! Yes – did. When knitting lace I’m very focused especially if beads are involved. Don’t look at the next row I tell myself – concentrate on what your doing. Every even numbered row is simple – purl all stitches except the three edging stitches on each end. Simple. There are now about forty-eleven stitches on the needle. I refuse to count until I hit the last purl row – which happens to be row 46. See I should feel good right? When I finished row 41 I allowed myself to look at 43.


Almost every single stitch is beaded on row 43. See those orange squares? Beads. Yes I know it’s not a good photo. (I’m having a panic these things happen when panic makes everything shaky.) Did I mention how many stitches are on the needle? Forty-eleven or realistically probably a thousand.

Row 43 could end this glorious ride I’ve been on. I’ve had my knitting blinders on and remained so focused that I may not have time to bead/knit forty-eleven stitches.

And I repeat – Crap!

While I go have a little panic – and a bowl of Tiramisu – here’s a look at how pretty the shawl was earlier in the week.

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One thought on “The Danger of Wearing Blinders

  1. It is truly a work of art and beautifull as well . take care and let us readers know how it turned out . thanks .great blog and thanks for sharing .

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