Courtship in Cherokee County

When we moved into the new house back in March we didn’t give much thought to putting up curtains or shades. A perk of living rural and on a large farm is that someone would have to go out of their way to peep in our windows.

Until recently I hadn’t thought of other perks – like drawing spectacular moths at night! You can scroll down a few posts and see a photo Chris took of a visiting Luna Moth recently. Two nights ago we heard another thud as a big moth landed on a glass door in the living room.

Thanks to Kitten with a Whiplash for providing a link to Butterflies and Moths. I emailed the photo below to an Oklahoma researcher and the latest visitor has been identified as an Imperial Moth – Eacles imperialis. The adults emerge before sunrise and mate before midnight the next day. So no time to feed, just a day and a night to dance, flirt, find a handsome stranger, and make babies…

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