An Innocent Encounter

After a long morning in the city, I stopped at the little convenience mart in the small town eight miles away from our farm to grab two burgers and an order of fries. I had carried my book in with me, so I took a seat in the narrow booth along the window that provides a view of the gas pumps and the town’s only stop sign. After reading a few paragraphs I heard someone take a seat in the booth behind me.

Halfway through the next paragraph a sweet clear whistling began. It was a mixture of birdcalls, melody and jig. Within minutes I had quit reading just to listen. No longer did I hear the sizzle of burgers on the grill or the cashier making change for fuel purchases – just the tune of a practiced musician with a fanciful nature.

The cashier caught my eye and told me my order was ready. I grabbed the brown bag, already showing a few speckles of grease. But before I left I turned back to the booths, where a man of seventy-five or eighty years sat passively and suddenly quiet. He wore Big Smith overalls, a red ball cap from a tractor supplier, and tinted trifocals. And as I walked up to him he smiled innocently.

“Your whistling has made my day”, I told him.

A little embarrassed he stumbled and said, “I didn’t even realize I was doing it.”

“But I did. Thank you.” Then I turned and walked out to my car.

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4 thoughts on “An Innocent Encounter

  1. Life is done of very little things, they do a network around us, very often without our knoledge.

    I was unable to extend my visa further the 3 initial months. I am flying tomorrow from OKC to Europe. Helpfuly I will be back next year.
    Thank you for your hospitality.

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