Snippet from an email….

While I am neither Catholic nor Christian I do find Gregorian chanting deeply moves my spirit – they are quite trancing. I imagine a whirling dervish has the same effect. Just like hearing the monastery bells while walking by the light of the half moon last night. No lights, no buildings or people visible – just the crickets, bullfrogs and the pealing of bells somewhere in the distance.

As I hit Send – I breathed deeply knowing just how lucky I am to live here in this enchanted place.

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2 thoughts on “Snippet from an email….

  1. Oh yes I agree if you hear all that at night . I am catholic but dont practice other than saying my hail marys and praying that god protects me daily . I think that is all anyone can ask of God .

  2. Oh, exactly. My Anonymous 4 CDs, my medieval and Renaissance music, Loretta McKennitt – these have nothing to do with my Jewish upbringing, but they do feed my soul.


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