And we have a Winner!

People I’m all about the Random Generator over at I put in how many comments there were and the great Randomator in the ether selected 22.

The 22nd comment was from One Sheep! You’re the winner!

It seems that One Sheep created a blog just to enter the contest. This knitter must love her Malabrigo! And yes there is a skein of ‘Brigo in the box along with an assortment of other yarns, a spindle, beads, a book and soap!

One Sheep, click on my profile and from there you can send me an email containing your snail mail address.

For those of you who didn’t win – there may well be another contest next month. Stay tuned.

From a strictly selfish view – I love the contests. Bloggers seldom know who is lurking out there – if anyone – until they comment. The really fun part of the contests is visiting other people’s blogs or sites. Meeting new people in a cyber sort of way. Thanks for all the great reading! There were two firsts for me this time around, I’ve never been tweeted or facebooked before since I’m not active in either community. That’s pretty interesting! It’s a big cyber world out there despite the fact that I’m bent over my keyboard down in my little half-submerged rabbit hole (aka my office) in the far reaches of a very rural Oklahoma county where my cell phone doesn’t even work.

When I run a little contest I try to leave the contest as the most recent blog posting so it’s easy for people to find. So blogging goes on hold. I didn’t realize how addicted I’d become to blogging until last night and I can’t wait to tell you about it.

Yesterday was a stressful day but by evening I’d managed to get organized and resume some sense of balance. Days like that leave me longing for something nice to occur just to restore my usually sunny mood. Chris was planning to attend the Wednesday market in Tulsa which requires an early alarm. Around 10pm I was doing a last minute email check before bed when he called me up to see what was on the window. Although I’ve never seen one before I knew instantly I was looking at a Luna Moth. They are beautiful! Holeycow!

I grabbed a short ruler and measured it’s wingspan – 4 inches, and 3.5 inches vertical. The green was eerie almost. I asked Chris if he could get a photo – so he pulled the screen off from the inside of the window and took the photo below. Here’s what I learned online about Luna Moths.

While they are common, they are seldom seen. They live for only seven days in which they do not eat but only mate. Generally the first generation appears in April or May, the second about nine-eleven weeks later, and in the south a third about nine-eleven weeks later. Which would put our little visitor as a third generation.

If anyone knows of a good field guide or resource on moths and butterflies please send me an email or post in the comments!

Well…the green doesn’t appear nearly so eerie on the blog does it?

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