Aeolian Take Two

This is how the day goes…

Good breakfast, great cup of coffee. Second cup of coffee.
Start two batches of soap in the studio.
Return to house to face…

The blue silk mess that was too much to face last night.

I grab the laptop for music.
The reading glasses for sight.
A glass of tea and the remains of a cookie.

A chocolate no-bake cookie.

Gently pulling the wad of blue that was in the middle results in some success. The little tendrils of unsnarled yarn get wrapped around toes and across legs to keep them from being tangled back up as I begin to reverse wind the yarn back on to the ball winder.

This is delicate work. Every so often I have to stop and gently work out the kinks and tangled bits to get another few yards of yarn that can be wound again. I am desperately trying not to take the scissors to the blue silk. This was expensive – but so lovely yarn. I begin trading emails with TeaBird who informs me that there is a group on Ravelry dedicated to detangling yarn. People who enjoy this detangling of yarn!

At some point I come to a spot where I cannot get the yarn undone. It’s pulled so tight that neither end slides and there is the tiniest of knots in the silk. So tiny that I cannot penetrate the knot. I breathe deep and reach for the scissors. I end up making two cuts to get to a point where I can again begin winding yarn back on the ball.

I have to walk away so I go over to the studio and pour my first two batches of soap.

Back at the house I make some progress and it feels like I’m home free. Life is good! The rest of the yarn will be salvaged and there will be enough to knit the second Aeolian shawl as planned! Then – suddenly the yarn on the winder pops off. Yes that is what I said! It pops off and flies over a foot away!

Again I gently set everything aside and walk away. Two more batches of soap are made.

Not for long though. I come back and begin reversing the reverse-wound ball of yarn back onto the winder. (Yes I know it’s confusing.) Before long I’m making good headway. Then I’m passed the original mess. I try not to get giddy. I slow down enough to double check the screw on the bottom of the winder to make sure it’s tight. All’s well.

Then back to winding. Finally – both balls are on the winder! There are two small bits of yarn that was snipped – one a few yards long and the other ten yards long – that litter the floor. I remove the ball from the winder and it’s a bit wonky but certainly workable. I try a pantyhose yarn bra on the ball but it just doesn’t pull as nicely as I like so off it comes.

Feeling some sense of relief I drive into Tahlequah to pick up a prescription at Walgreens. They also happen to carry the good chocolate. A bag of Ghirardelli Squares comes home with me. Dark Chocolate. The good stuff.

After a small dinner – I gather beads, glasses, a crochet hook, the blue silk and my KP Harmony needle and I cast on the second Aeolian Shawl.

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5 thoughts on “Aeolian Take Two

  1. I had a similar problem with some gorgeous silk/cashmere laceweight, but I'm awfully proud when I look at it, because oh! the knots and tangles!!!

    Things like this create depths to handmade creations that only add to the finished item's “story”

  2. Contortions galore! I'm glad I was home alone – the faces I must have made when the knots tightened or the ball jumped off the winder!

    I've got to say though that it is looking incredible! Photos coming soon!

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