Swappin’ Good Fun!

Since back in February when the Mailbox Miscreants destroyed our mailboxes several weeks in a row we’ve been driving into Hulbert (eight miles away) to pick up mail once or thrice a week. Usually it’s junk mail, a few magazines, and bills. Not much fun stuff.

But today – today my swap box arrived! An explanation you ask? What, pray tell, is a swap box? I belong to several groups on Ravelry (in short – facebook for knitters) one that is a journal swap. A questionnaire is posted and you respond to the thread with your answers, then once the period is closed the moderator teams you up. You trade messages and get to know your swap partner to be better able to pick out some cool stuff to send them. My swappie lives in York, PA. She’s madly in love with Malabrigo (well what knitter isn’t?), she plays the side drums in a Celtic band, makes her own stitch markers and is a lovely fun person to trade emails with. And as Chris said, “Dude – she hooked you up!”

Below is a photo of the goodies in my swap package! Two skeins of Malabrido Lace in colorway Velvet Grapes (OHMYGODS gorgeous!), a fun little book of frozen drinks to help me stay refreshed in the summer heat, snacks in the sweet/savory realm, three bags full of stitch markers that she made (little ones perfect for lace repeats!) and an incredible leather bound journal! The journal is lovely and cries out for petting as much as the Malabrigo. It has beautiful floral embroidery stitched on the cover and snaps shut. If you hold your ear really close – it whispers “take me somewhere – take me somewhere“.

I keep playing with my goodies – brushing the wool against my face, petting the leather, fingering the little stitchmarkers, munching on the goodies (yeah I opened them!) . I don’t know what the ‘brigo will become. I need to find a pattern that will really show off the wonderful Velvet Grapes….

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