I can’t stick with the rules.

Screw wordless Wednesday.

My mind is whirling and in a panic – except when I focus on the knitting. Knitting in any manner. When I’m concentrating on a lace project all the troubles go away. In quiet moments I think about learning to dye yarn instead of solving the problems that exist. If I’m busy my mind escapes to matching beads to yarns as my hands finish the task at hand. Which yarn to reach for to make the next shawl distracts me from the mania surrounding me.

Am I deluded? Crazy? Heat stroking? Whacko? Ready for the men in white coats?

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2 thoughts on “I can’t stick with the rules.

  1. I'm not much help today, I'm afraid. I've been knitting a 5 x 5 basketweave baby blanket, and in the last few days I seem to have forgotten how to count to 5.

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