Summer of Lace

It’s almost time for the new Season of Lace to begin, Summer of Lace.
I’m jazzed. At 2:30am I was awake playing with yarn down in the Rabbit Hole. The SoL KAL (knitalong) is for the Aeolian Shawl, another great design by Elizabeth Freeman. She of the Laminaria Shawl fame, designer extraordinaire. I was smitten with the Aeolian immediately.
I have a lovely skein of yarn the exact color of raspberries, dyed by my friend Kay Meadors. Kay rocks as a dyer, although she’s primarily known for her knitting and crochet books. Now all along I’ve thought the Berries yarn was what I was going to knit my Aeolian from. But nooooo. In the middle of the night I pulled out some of the other yarn that Kay has dyed. Months ago I handed off a big cone of natural cream colored lace alpaca yarn. I told her I’d split it with her if she’d dye a few skeins of it for me. The cream just wasn’t working for me.
Kay outdid herself on color with this cone of boring alpaca. The skeins she sent me are stunning and saturated with rich color. For now though, let me show you just how lovely one particular skein is. She’s called it Terra Cotta. And it will be my Aeolian Shawl.

Enjoy the beauty…doesn’t it take your breath away?

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2 thoughts on “Summer of Lace

  1. You're right – it is breathtaking! And yes, I am jealous, why do you ask? That is very lovely yarn. Have you decided on beads yet for the aeolian? That just might be a tough choice!

  2. No beads on this one. For some insane reason I'm going to knit a second – larger size – with beads. If I find some that match.

    Having now said this I'm wondering if I shouldn't bead this one (it's not too late to bead beyond just the set up chart) and not the large…hmmm

    Those rust colored glass beads might just do the trick. Or the gold.

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