WWKIP Tomorrow!

WWKIP Tulsa, Oklahoma
13 June 2009

The Experience Local Fiber and Local Food

World Wide Knit in Public Day allows knitters to bring the often solitary practice of their craft into a local event and showing the public that knitting can be a community activity. Started in 2005 about 25 local events were held around the world. That number has grown substantially in a very short time. In 2008 over 800 events were held. There have been local events in Australia, China, England, Finland, France, Ireland, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, United States… and so many more countries.

The Cherry Street Farmers Market will be hosting a World Wide Knit in Public Event on Saturday June 13. The event hours are 8-11am and will be located at 15th and Peoria in Tulsa. Local llama yarn and alpaca yarn will both be available, as well as Tempted Yarns by Stacy, Tulsa’s local dyer extraordinaire.

A sign up booth will be open to register for prizes. Knitters from the Tulsa area, Guthrie, Oklahoma City, and Tahlequah, as well as other cities and towns are expected to turn out. Everyone is invited to enjoy the market and a morning of public knitting!
There are tables and chairs on the patio where the music is played but bringing a lawn chair is not a bad idea. Throw one or two in your trunk, just in case.
I’m told there is a discussion on Facebook trying to determine what the collective noun should be for a group of knitters. Is it a Skein of Knitters, a Swatch of Knitters, a Hank or Knot of Knitters?
Whatever it is Tulsa will get a chance to see what it looks like Saturday morning!!!
Don’t forget to sign up at market for a bag full of goodness to be given away – yes you must be present to win!

Tulsa’s World Wide Knit in Public Event

Cherry Street Farmer’s Market

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