100th post – and time for a gift

Journal entry:
24 May 2009

The sky was a deeper blue just above the hill to the northeast. The trees there grew darker as we ate our dinner. Rain was coming. I could see the storm as it moved towards us and I could feel a different energy begin to tingle on the surface of my skin.

Chris opened a window in the dining room and I could smell the sweet dampness and hear the first roll of thunder as it echoed across the sky. Quickly I put my plate on the counter, the lid on the container of pesto and slid it onto the shelf in the frig.

I said, “Let’s move the chairs outside and watch the rain come in.” He laughed lightly.

I poured a quick glass of wine for myself and went out onto the porch. I moved a chair to the side porch and tried to sit and sip my wine, but the energy was too exciting. I stood and leaned out over the railing as the wind arrived. It felt glorious on my exposed skin. My hair was pinned up with a pencil and I thought for a brief moment of sliding the pencil out so my hair could fly….but I didn’t want to lose that caress of wind on my neck and ears so I closed my eyes and leaned out further. I felt erotic and mystical and so very grounded as a whole person.

After breathing deep and settling into myself I walked around the porch to the back to look at Clear Creek below. There are only bits and snatches of water visible at this time of year but I could see that drops of rain were falling and making ripples and peaks in the water causing it to look more alive as if it were jumping and hopping up from the surface in anticipation of the storm.

Around me on the bluff there was a haze of moisture – but not yet rain reaching my level, the leaves above catching the drops. Again I felt that primal excitement of something imminent and certain.

Change was coming.

When I logged in to post this entry I saw it would be my 100th post. It seems something of a milestone. Since it is a knitting blog – primarily anyway – a lovely gifting of New Zealand Merino lace yarn will be given to one person chosen from the comments who shares a brief personal moment of their day as I have done above ( a link to your blog is fine if the post dates between 5/24/09 and 5/30/09). If the winner is not a knitter something lovely will be sent your way instead. (US only)

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12 thoughts on “100th post – and time for a gift

  1. Hello! I’m so glad you found me! I do still knit – right now I’m into fair isle Christmas stockings. As soon as I’m done with the current project for my soon-to-be-born niece, I’m going to start on stockings to sell, in stripes and solids and beautiful fair isle patterns.

    The rain today was beautiful, wasn’t it? My fiance and I sat on my parents’ front porch and smelled it coming in. My hair was soaking in warm coconut oil and wrapped up in a towel, and my hands were busy with Charlotte’s stocking. We both rocked and sniffed and listened, and just as the rain was beginning in earnest, my Mr. jumped out of his chair, fairly threw his plate of scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon and Lavash flatbread at me, and sprinted out to his unfinished benches, where my dad’s chainsaw was getting lightly drizzled upon. After he had rescued the endangered power tool, we pretended to be old people and just watched the rain from our rocking chairs.

  2. Personal comment about my day?
    I spent the day lazing about for the most part. I did get started on a sampler for the filet crochet class that I’m taking on Crochetville, in fact, I’m almost done.
    I did take the edging pattern from the sampler and adapt it to a banner for my hubby’s anniversary gift.

  3. Congrats on 100 posts! About my day – success… I finally got my loom working. This is actually the second loom I’ve received as a gift in my life. I think the universe is trying to tell me that I must weave. This is something I’ll be talking over with in my journal.

  4. Congratulations on your 100th post! I linked here from Reading Challenge where I’m istop2knit. Let’s see. My day was spent nursing my 22 year old son who is home with a bad cold, and quite miserable. While hanging out at home I watched a bit of the Alzheimer’s project; seeing these people deteriorate and the effects of their illness on their caretakers made me cry. It must of been a sensitive day because I heard the Memorial Day celebrations at Arlington National Cemetery and thought of my Dad, my Grandfather and my great, great grandfather – all veterans of war; and of my son who is in boot camp in the Army right now and could be deployed by Christmas. It all made me stop what I was doing and think of all of those who have lost a loved one.

  5. Congrats on your 100th post.

    I spent part of my early morning drinking coffee with my wonderful boyfriend and knitting on a cabled blanket square. It was a lovely way to start the holiday. Most of the rest of the day was spent on yard work and building a fence for the garden, but the quiet morning complete with knitting really did set the tone for the whole day. And it was a nice day to be outside, so the yard work wasn’t bad at all.

  6. Yesterday was a nice easy day in my house. I spent of it working on a long delayed quilt project. (since I learned to knit I have been doing less and less quilting.)

    Then friends came over and we were going to grill out. Steve lit the grill and came inside and it started raining, sun is shining but it is raining buckets, only in the back yard. look out the front windows and barely misting, and out the back windows at the rain just sheeting off the roof. Very strange weather indeed.

    Congrats on your 100th post.

  7. There are few things I enjoy more than a spring thunder shower. This afternoon I’ve been sitting and playing with my children with all the windows open, and we’re all enjoying the rain and the few rumbles of thunder.

    Congrats on your 100th.

  8. Loved your post! As I read it, I could see you in slow motion raising your head, eyes closes, neck arched, breathing in the rain…..It was almost like the beginning of a STEAMY romance novel!
    I spent the day finishing my Gail Shawl and updating my blog with my vacation knitting and yarn crawl. Happy 100th! BTW, your Lavender Fields Shawl is looking perfectly lovely. I only lack 44 rows on mine!

  9. I grew up with those storms. My memory of the day Pres. Roosevelt died are tied to watching a storm come in. Haven’t lived in Cherokee county for many years but would ride the Phillips 66 truck with my grandfather to Lost City when I was little.
    Never dreamed then I would be a knitter.

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