A wee bit of knitting has been happening here in the wilderness – not much, just a wee bit. On little needles. With very thin yarn.

First is a lovely design by Kay Meadors titled – get this – Lavender Fields. Yep. Kay handpainted the yarn I’m using based on the colors of our lavender field. She really caught the colors of our Abrialli lavender. The original pattern (yet to be issued) is a wider shawl than what I want at the moment so I’m making mine half the width for more of a scarf style. It’s lovely yarn and I’m using some lavender beads that perfectly match the lightest purple color in the yarn.

My photography is horrific and sucks sewer water I realize but here are a few shots along with a photo (thanks Chris) of a row of Abrialli plants so you can see the color we were shooting for and how great a job Kay did on dyeing the zephyr wool/silk blend. Click on the photos for a much better look.

If you’re a knitter you’re going to see the error – yep – you will. I omitted two rows accidently that caused one of my blossom rows to be much closer to the blossom row below. I’m sitting on my hands at the moment deciding whether to tink back and reknit or just live with the error.

What do you think?

And when I’ve not been working on my Abrialli Lavender Fields I’ve been knitting a pattern from Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace of Estionia. The pattern is Peacock Tails and Leaf. Again with yarn dyed by Kay in a wonderful dark blue.

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