Knit Out 2009

It was another great retreat at the 2009 Knit Out. Kudos to Keely, Sherry and the SWAK gang for incredible classes, great food, yummy yarn, and the style show.

To begin the round of classes I took Fittin’ Mittens with Joan Shrouder. Don’t tell but I think everyone in the family is getting mittens for giftmas this year. Joan’s explanation on how to make mittens that actually fit the shape of our hands was so brilliantly simple. My sample even turned out cute!

Saturday afternoon it was time for Heels for Toe Up socks with Wendy of WendyKnits. Wendy’s blog is fun and she has a new book out too. She had several types of heels for us to try out during class. For me, toe up socks are easy – until you get to the heel. Thankfully now the heels will be a breeze too.

Saturday evening was the fashion show and it’s always good to see the patterns knit up and get to fondle the yarn. This year the fashion show was Berroco’s spring/summer line. I found one top by Nora Gaughan that I couldn’t live without and ended up buying yarn and the booklet to make my own. See that green yarn in our empty wine glasses? That’s going to be my new top for summer.

As per usual – I had a great time rooming with Cathy. We had wine, goodies, long talk and lots of laughs. Cathy took classes with Mags Kandis and I’m so jealous of the fun she had! (not that my classes weren’t fun). Mags leads her students out of the box and into creative mode. I took a few photos of the Sunday class’s endeavors just to show how cool her felting techniques were.

And I finally found the pointy toed boots I want!! Lori is modeling hers and I’m just going to say that I’m perfectly fine with being a copy cat.

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