Pharmaceutical induced madness

It was one of those days that made me want to tell the world off. It’s not my fault really. Okay the mug is my fault but I had to have it after I saw Jackie’s.

Last week I called in my prescription for Synthroid (short story – years ago Graves Disease – radiation treatment – yada yada), which needed a doctors authorization to refill. Chris tried to pick it up last week but it still hadn’t been approved. I don’t like to go without but I had enough through Saturday so I thought it would be fine. By this morning when I got to the pharmacy and discovered they still hadn’t gotten approval – well I got cranky and called the doctors office myself. There I was after driving 20 miles to pick up the medication I thought would be ready having discovered I would have to wait – AND I was caught without any knitting.

After simmering for forty minutes in an uncomfortable black chair and watching the woman holding four big chocolate easter rabbits and two packages of peeps ponder which diet aid to chose – Alibi or Slimfast – the pharmacist finally filled my little amber bottle with thirty tiny yellow pills. He didn’t apologize for the wait. I popped a pill before I stuck the key in the ignition.

When I got home I chowed down on a greasy burger from the Hulbert Kwiki Mart and decided I needed to be productive or go berserk. So I tucked my jeans into my wellies and tromped through the mud to the studio with the intent of making a batch of soap. Soapmaking can cure many a mood. There is a process and concentration involved and people – it smells good. But that wasn’t to be. The plumber’s helper who installed our studio dishwasher is not a clever dude. The dishwasher runs fine – except that it has no water. Yeah. Of course, I didn’t know this when I loaded it after my last soap-making adventure. All of the pots and pans had to be washed by hand. By the time this task was complete I decided it was entirely too late in the afternoon to begin the lengthy process. There were other products prepared that needed to be labeled so that would fulfill my need to be productive.

I cranked out several tasks and returned to the house feeling almost human. I was a little tired but thought a few rounds on the little lavender pouch I wanted to make for Mom would be good – especially if I downed a cup of dark rich coffee. The lavender pouch is a fun little project from the Knitting Goddess. It’s simply a small square sachet of lavender that is inserted into a pouch knit from a tiny skein of 100% Merino sock yarn. Ohmygoddess incredible sock yarn! The colors are rich and saturated and the yarn is softer than sin. (I see a sock yarn order in the near future!)

Needless to say I sat down and knit a few rounds. Chris tried to talk to me about insurance…but suddenly I felt something come over me. Two things quickly happen when I miss a few of those tiny yellow pills – one is crankiness. I leaned my head back and suddenly I was deeply asleep. The other is exhaustion.

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