You get it.

Tomorrow is the day.

Yesterday I had the blues for a bit. I wrote this in my journal:
One would think there is some sort of hoopla or epiphany that occurs at the half-century mark. It doesn’t. Honestly if it hadn’t occurred before why in the world do I expect it now? Maybe it’s that I crave something auspicious.

I thought that turning fifty would be easy, being the type of woman who is happy with her life. But it’s two days away and this afternoon, without warning, a mood lowered ever so softly over me, like a gauzy vail that lightly obscures my surroundings but still allows me to breathe.

That lasted about two hours and blew away as swiftly as it arrived. This is how the blues works with me.

We met Hillarey & Lance at the Canebrake for a splendid brunch Sunday. They came back to the farm with us for Tiramisu. (Which I finally made right!) We had a great visit. The kiddo knows her mother well. She gave me all sorts of fun foodstuffs from the Middle Eastern market. Plus chocolate – always a good thing! I think Hill loves the new house. She was running around the porch at one point just for the fun of it. She’s a crazy thing – I love that side of her!

This morning as I walked down the stairs I looked out the big window on the landing and saw deer feeding in the pasture that is our front yarn. After lunch I sliced another helping of Tiramisu for Chris and I. Oh my! It’s even better than it was Sunday. Then this evening Chris pointed out the kitchen window so I would turn around and see the stunning sunset of purple and orange and again we saw deer in the pasture. We walked up to the landing and stood staring out at a most tranquil evening on a quiet simple farm.

My life is good – better than good. How can turning fifty be anything but great? Auspicious indeed.

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