Laminaria update

It’s really tough to knit intricate lace when your mouth hurts.
It’s really tough to knit intricate lace when your head hurts.
It’s really tough to knit intricate lace at any given moment.


The Laminaria has kicked my butt time and again during the last few weeks. Usually I’m really good at counting. I even have a history of bookkeeping for goodness sake. But with nearly five hundred stitches now on the needle I’m tinking as much as I’m knitting.

It’s humbling.

I was flying pretty high early in this project – feeling confident and cocky. Not a single oops during the start chart. I love the nupps (pronounced to rhyme with soups according to the interview I heard with Nancy Bush on the Knit Picks podcast), just love them. For some reason though the simple repeats of knittwotogethers and slipslipknits, combined with yarnovers and knits are more than I can handle lately.

Last night I finished off the the first edging chart and began the second edging chart. AKA the LAST CHART. Yes, for those of you wondering I did put in a lifeline. Hah! Thought you’d caught me didn’t you?

It’s a nice friday night and we’re driving to Owasso for some really good pizza, then I’m coming home to the Lam. To work on the Lam. To tink on the Lam. ::sigh:: The first row of the final chart needs tinking. But only the second half of the row, which means I’m making progress. Don’t you agree?

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