The Saga Continues

The Mailbox Miscreants were back this weekend. Two new mailboxes for the farm are needed.

Did you know there’s a device that you can attach to your mailbox that releases skunk oil when it’s bashed?

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2 thoughts on “The Saga Continues

  1. So here’s what I’m thinking…. Steel reinforced concrete shaped like a post and a mailbox. Actually – 2 of them. Put the nice hard ones on either side of your real mailbox(es). Be sure to paint the concrete to look like a real mailbox, especially when viewed quickly by headlights.Then just ask the local ER which little f**kheads came in with broken wrists/arms over the weekend.

  2. Oh you know we’re working on a plan! I don’t want to hurt the miscreants. I just want to make it undesirable for them to destroy our boxes. For now, we’re picking up mail at the PO which is about seven or eight miles away. I really enjoy the long walk down our lane to the mailbox though. Martha the mutt usually accompanies me. It’s relaxing after a long day – especially at twilight.

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