We’re near the end of building a house and got an “official” address a few weeks ago so we put up a new mailbox beside the current farmhouse mailbox. I had a goofy little tingly joy when we put it up. Chris stenciled the address in a nice green. New house – new mailbox – gotta feel good right? Then last week we replaced the farmhouse mailbox because it had taken a few batterings from random baseball bats over the years and the door no longer opened all the way. The mail carrier left us a really sweet thank you. Well – it’s a USPS notice but was signed in blue ink by a real person.

This afternoon Paul, Chris’s dad, called to tell us that both of our new mailboxes had been beaten to a pulp this weekend. Ours was in pieces. The posts were completely out of the ground and a beer bottle lay beside them.

When we installed the new box I had the poor humor to laugh and say that it should last until Spring Break. It’s not so funny now.

I just don’t get this type of “fun”. If you read my 25 Random Facts – just refer to #2.

I guess Tuesday we’ll find out what might have been lost, if anything. There were two things I was expecting. My Anniversary Issue of Wild Fibers…


…and my new Debit Card from the bank..


Fortunately I had been saving a bar of Dagoba New Moon dark chocolate that Hillarey had slipped in my Giftmas stocking. Two pieces of that have taken off the edge.

little jerks.

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2 thoughts on “Miscreants

  1. I’d be so tempted to rig my mailboxes with explosives that would spray buckshot (okay, rock salt – or perhaps screaming pink paint) whenever they were struck with force.Little Bastards…..

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