A different kind of beautiful

A few folks have asked me about the fire a few weeks ago. One benefit is the tick population will be reduced around my favorite thinking perch overlooking the pond-without-water. It’s a really great little spot that I rarely get to visit on foot during the spring and summer. I won’t show you photos of the spot because – well it’s kinda private and special.

What I will show you is an different kind of beauty. Not everyone will agree with me on this I’m sure, but I think the old farm truck has a raw beauty – incredible coloring – and strange little finds. Like the windshield that melted into little globlets of clear blobs with sparkles. When we had snow, sleet and ice a week ago Chris and I drove up to the truck to see what a frozen-burned-up truck looked like. Pretty cool really.

Soon we’ll need to have the truck hauled off before the grass begins to grow and starts to resemble your average Oklahoma farm salvage.

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2 thoughts on “A different kind of beautiful

  1. I can see it now: Farm Truck for sale: no vin(skillfully melted)unique pain job. No blind spots, rims in good shape. Really great sound system that dont work no more. Needs some enigine work. Any or best offer. No refunds or exchanges.

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