1. It’s embarrassing to admit that I’ve never lived more than 100 miles from where I was born in Tulsa. For decades I dreamed of living somewhere else – anywhere else. Now that I’m older and have traveled a little I know how hard it would be to decide on the best place to live. Every country abroad and every US state that I’ve visited has its charms. And in recent years I’ve discovered that Oklahoma is a lot more interesting than most people imagine.
2. I’m entirely too responsible – but wish more people were like me.
3. My daughter is likely the only liberal that I’m related to by blood.
4. That “awkward age” lasted until I was well into my forties.
5. I think the US should go metric like the rest of the world.
6. I once spent the night with a musician that played the didgeridoo. Neither of us had condoms with us so we just slept in the same bed. (see random fact #2) He brought me coffee from the hotel lobby the next morning. It was my first cup of “black” coffee. Damn it was good. The coffee, obviously.
7. Wearing something I’ve knitted makes me feel triumphant and more than a little sexy.
8. Remembering people’s names has always been tough for me. That’s why I make up something funny to call them – and hope they never find out.
9. I like bacon – almost as much as chocolate.
10. November of 2007 I found a lump under my arm. It scared me, really scared me. Two days after finding it I began a 535-mile bike ride on our tandem. More than once in those three weeks I told myself that I wasn’t going to go down without doing something out-of-the-ordinary – something memorable. It was months later when the doctor finally diagnosed the lump as Fibrocystic Breast Disease. AKA Fatty Tissue.
11. I think I’ll look fabulous with gray hair.
12. I save the fortunes from fortune cookies, but only if they are good.
13. When I was younger I tried hard to be a Christian. I just couldn’t convince myself of any of the doctrines and neither could anyone else. For years I have consider myself a pagan.
14. When I’m working in the field at the farm and need to pee I do it outside because I like the way the wind feels on my bare skin.
15. I think anyone who has all the answers hasn’t asked enough questions.
16. Seeing Janice Joplin in the documentary Festival Express made me cry.
17. People’s comments hurt me more than I ever admit.
18. I wore a costume to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch on stage.
19. My favorite color has always been green. However the shade varies from time to time.
20. I brake for yarn stores.
21. Traveling solo is liberating.
22. I have a good sense of humor but I am not funny. Damn it.
23. Buying your shoes in the kids department really sucks when you’re forty-nine.
24. I’ve never understood Monty Python. But I keep trying.
25. I think Bruce Springsteen is one of the sexiest men alive. Watch this and tell me you don’t agree….

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  1. Yea, he is sexy(Bruce). I wouldn’t just share that with anyone! Someone might get the wrong idea about me. Oh and yes, you-are-too funny! I practically peed my pants reading this!I’ll be working on my list!

  2. Bwhahaa Don’t worry Bibi – I won’t share that factoid with a single soul. As long as you don’t share that I think Monica is hot – don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about me either – hahahaa! I can’t wait to read your list!

  3. Great list, Denise. I’m encouraged that your awkward age lasted well into your forties. I haven’t gotten over mine yet. 🙂Lisa, we may need to talk about this admission about Bruce! 🙂I’ll put my list together and post soon.

  4. Linda – I’m still forty-nine so I’m expecting my awkward age to end when I turn soon fifty. Maybe expecting is the wrong word…I’d say it’s all in attitude but my bruises and bad hair days tell a different story. I’ll be on the look out for yours – it’s great writing practice!

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