Breathing easier…on several fronts

The blog has been neglected due to some stealth knitting of late. That project is well on it’s way to being finished in time to tuck in a stocking. That’s all I’m saying….no more hints.

Last week I realized I had a problem with my lace project the Fiore di Melanzana or as I like to call it – Eggplant Flower – Eggie for short. The problem wasn’t with the pattern. Or the yarn. It was me.

Now I’ve reached a ripe middle-age (I refuse to say old age) in full belief that I can count with the best of them. I’ve been knitting for three years now and can read symbols pretty well, occasionally double checking when I encounter a new stitch, but that’s not unheard of. In fact, I feel pretty confident in my knitting skills. Maybe too confident.

I had just plunged forward from Chart A to Chart B without inserting a lifeline because the project was going so smoothly. I was flying and thoroughly enjoying Eggie. The yarn is lovely and a perfect choice –Woolen Rabbit’s Tupelo Honey. (It’s wonderful – go there – buy yarn! You’ll love it.) It has just the right drape and shows the stitch definition better than almost anything I’ve used lately. But as I said before I was perhaps a bit over confident. Anne writes an easy to follow pattern, clear and concise. I apparently can’t read because I had been knitting garter stitch and wondering why the wise Anne Hanson hadn’t made this Chart stockinette, which would really show off the lacewing motif beautifully.

It was Monday that I realized my error. Chart B is in stockinette. Anne knows what she’s doing and I’m a blithering idiot.

Remember I had been knitting commando – sans lifeline? Ever tried to add a lifeline, after the fact, to lace? Not an easy task. But I spent some time Monday and put in a lifeline. It didn’t look right. I took my stealth knitting to the farm for the week and left Eggie on the couch to miraculously cure itself while I was gone.

Some people believe it’s the season for miracles. Not being a religious person I didn’t really expect to come back and find Eggie in any state of grace other than the one I left her in. Friday I picked up Eggie and spent several slow methodical hours tinking back stitch by stitch thirteen rows. Yeah. I didn’t rip. I tinked. On occasion the brain engages and tells you not to trust yourself – or your lifeline in this case.

Eggie is now back on track and looking lovely. I’m breathing easier, and more humble. And I have a lifeline between Chart A & Chart B. Lesson learned.

On the new house front – Brady the Builder told Chris that we’re about six weeks away from completion! This spurs me to little happy dances whenever I think about it. Below are a few photos of the cabinets that Brady and his right hand, Justin, have made for us. These are talented fellows! The cabinets will likely be stained a nice honey color to show off the Craftsman design and wood grain.

Here’s a view of the kitchen cabinets and the island. The stove will be in the island with the backside housing cookbooks. Nifty huh?

These are built in bookshelves in the living room. That big hole you see will house the pipe for the woodstove.

And these are the bathroom cabinets, which I think are pretty awesome! These will probably be stained a darker shade to go with the slate flooring and shower.

A wood stove and radiant heat will be our main sources of warmth (other than the wool stash) in the new house. I love wood stoves and am eager to see what the radiant heat is like. I don’t think it will eliminate the need for hand knit socks though. Nothing can, right?

We’re anticipating a winter storm arriving soon. You can smell it in the air. As great as the air smells I haven’t been able to take big gulps full. In fact, breathing has been a struggle of late. Last week my doctor diagnosed me with asthma. It’s of the exercise and cold temp variety but nasty nonetheless. The wheezing and rattling are as disturbing as the coughing. I’ve never experienced this before and find it odd that at almost fifty I’m now developing asthma. But – I’m making friends with my puffer and have been breathing a little easier the past two days.

All in all – the week has been full of lessons.

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