No more %@<#!!!

I’ve long thought it showed a certain lack of creative linguistic skills to curse all the time. (pointing honestly at myself) Besides the fact that it’s difficult to turn off routine cussin’ when in polite company or when small children (who at certain ages repeat anything that strikes their fancy) are around.

So dear friends (the two or three people who actually read this blog) I give you my new favorite curse word-

Hair Sheep!

It is my hope that neither my good friend Bibi – nor any other farmer – nor my neighbors the monks – take offense of my use of their beast as a blaspheme. I understand that they believe that this breed of sheep has less gamey better flavored meat. But I’m a knitter you see and feel strongly that sheep should have wool, lustrous locks of wool. Wool with crimp and softness. Wool that you want to drape all over your body and fondle. Now doesn’t that make sense?

Join me now – when you stub your toe – when you spill hot coffee – when you drip spaghetti sauce on a white shirt –

Hair Sheep!!!!

Doesn’t that sound better than those words you were spewing when angry?


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