Winter arrives

An apology in advance for the dismal quality of photography.

Sunday 30 Nov 2008
Farm entry

Chris left for Tulsa just after breakfast. As he was preparing to leave he asked, “Is that snow or ashes blowing?”
Already anticipating the glorious blustery day I’d watched from the bathroom window as I’d showered I raced to the window, then outside to confirm the first flurries of the season.

As much as I enjoy spring, I love fall and winter, the dark months, the nesting months, the months for me that move slower.
Flurries dancing through the air remind me momentarily of a modern dance class I’d taken during college. Our final exam was a personally choreographed interpretation of one of five winter themes. I’d chosen snow from the list that included: trees, stars, Christmas balls, and bells. It had appealed to me as the least structured and therefore easiest to interpret.

After Chris left I finished washing the breakfast dishes and put more water on the heat for a second cup of Ethiopian coffee roasted by our friend Carston. It was rich and dark. To toast the coming winter though I dug in the back of the pantry for Bailey’s Irish Cream. The pantry in the farmhouse is a disaster of my own doing, and was on my agenda as an afternoon deep cleaning project. Two bottles of Bailey’s were in a far back corner, Original and Chocolate Mint. The Original (my favorite) was empty so I tossed it and poured a splash of the mint into my cup.

Yesterday we’d found box perched on top of our mailbox. Normally Paul, our postman, brings oversized boxes down the lane to the farmhouse. I don’t know what prompted this detour from the norm but I was thankful the weather was dry because I was expecting two deliveries, yarn and new needles. Neither of which I’d want thieved or rained upon.

Maybe it’s the little kid in me but packages in the mail always excite me. I’m of the sound opinion that only good things are delivered by the mailman, UPS or Federal Express carrier in box form or a padded envelope.

This package held yarn! I’d bought a few skeins of yarn from a friend on Ravelry and how fun it was to pour over the contents of the box.
(Again an apology for the quality of photographs!)
Here is a look at some of the skeins and balls included…

An up close look at Knit Picks Campfire colorway…. (again with the apology stuff)

An interesting ball of boucle cotton in lace weight….(you know the apology drill)

Four skeins worth of New Zealand Artisan lace yarn by Margaret Stove….(insert already memorized apology)

It seems I must go buy a new camera battery because the blasted thing won’t hold a charge at all now. Maybe I’ll see if Office Depot carries something that will help steady my aim too.

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3 thoughts on “Winter arrives

  1. Another thing we have in common….coffee. Did you know I have a roaster and roast my own beans. My house always smells like burnt coffee beans, yum! I’m a dark roasted Sumatra girl.

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