How local is local?

Knitters talk about their LYS (local yarn shop) and foodies talk about eating local (food from farmers markets and grown locally (although I hope you don’t include Local Table, but do include Elote if you’re visiting Tulsa restaurants)). But how close in miles must it be to be considered local?

Yesterday I drove from Tulsa to Guthrie to take a class at my LYS. SWAK is not the closest yarn shop to our Tulsa condo, there’s one about a mile away. The nearby yarn shop just doesn’t give me that comfortable feeling that I get from SWAK. From what I have experienced, SWAK is not about being about being cool or shopping elitism, it’s about knitters, knitting – the art and the technique. It’s a place where you can walk in and people are interested in what you’re knitting or what the people in the class at the big tables in the rear are knitting. It’s a place you can call on the phone and ask about an obscure tool like a cro-needle and the owner says “hold on, let me pull that for you. I can hold it since you’ll be in on Saturday, right?” It’s a place where even a fairly experienced knitter will learn two new tricks in the first thirty minutes of a class with Sherry. Looking at the wonderful finished projects on display can’t help but inspire a knitter.

Soon we’ll be living full time at the farm, sixty miles east of Tulsa. Another hour and ten minutes added to my drive to visit my LYS. Worth every minute.

So Readers – how far do you drive to your LYS? Is it the closest yarn shop to your home/work?

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2 thoughts on “How local is local?

  1. I drive about 20 miles to my favorite, and there are two others that direction I just sail right by. There’s one closer the opposite direction too which I like, but I absolutely have my favorite.I remember when we didn’t have a choice. I very much prefer the way things are now.

  2. I am so jealous of your favorite yarn store! I would love to open a yarn store in my neighborhood and have be just as you described. There is not one close to me like that! I am soooooooo jealous………

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