Stamina and Stealth

I did not, repeat did not cast on the Rivendell sock. It took stamina.

Well, not a lot of stamina because I did, however, knit up a simple garter stitch scarf with the yummy Wensleydale yarn that I bought in Taos last year. It’s spun like dreadlocks and anything intricate or clever would just be lost in the luscious crimp and natural coloring of the wool. So garter stitch and long fringe was the perfect answer! I love this scarf. It’s my new go-to scarf. It’s funky and fun and looks like I’m wearing the sheep draped around my neck. Gotta love that!

Here’s are a couple of quick pics-

Update on the house. All of the outdoor work is complete except the exterior painting, which will be a gray/green color that will blend well with the woods.

The front door was installed last week, as well as the front porch. When we left the farm earlier today I could hear the pounding of the drywallers as they began their work inside. It’s becoming very much a house. I know that sounds odd but it’s no longer a shell, there is insulation, and walls are going in. The insulation changed the interior drastically. It’s silent in there (when there is no hammering). And the walls have inched inward a bit.

Here are a few photos –

Tomorrow I’m driving to Guthrie. It’s all Cathy’s fault. She convinced me to enroll in a class. I can’t tell what the class is for because who knows – the recipient of the project may read this blog, although I highly doubt it. It’s stealth knitting!!


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3 thoughts on “Stamina and Stealth

  1. Me too! I can’t wait to move in. Often I wander through it, imagine where my desk or the dining table will be and pretend to sit to get some grasp of what it’ll be like – although I know that’s totally crazy and the only way to feel it will be when we finally move in and spend our lives enjoying our own home on the farm.

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