Autumn arrives

Here are a few photos of the new house as viewed from the creek below.

Notes from my jounal….

Autumn has arrived. There are moments, quiet slow moments to watch a leaf flutter to the ground. Time to skip rocks in the creek, or just sit and listen to the birds. The new house has a balcony and railing now, a perch that eases my breathing and invites contemplation.

This week I built the first fire of fall. Thick chunks of seasoned wood carefully placed on top of the glowing kindling – sticks and bits of strips from the new house site. During the night, if – when I wake, I feed the big black Wood King from firewood I bring in before going to bed.

I love the fall and winter at the farm. They are slower paced and leave lingering moments that can become lingering hours for introspection or even pure idleness. During the dark months I’m cheered by slight bits of morning light that falls on the music stand by the window, and aroused by a second cup of coffee as I watch the steam erotically rise from the dark richness. These are not summer dalliances for the modern farmer. These are off-season pleasures.

Autumn has arrived, finally.

As for knitting….

The AspenGlo scarf is more than halfway finished. Currently I’m working, diligently I might add, on a knit-for-hire project so the second half of AspenGlo will not be finished as quickly as the first half.

But I have noticed how well the yarn goes with my barn jacket. Yep, a perfect match. The weather being chilly and windy I decided to take AspenGlo for a stroll.

First I showed AspenGlo the wood pile that will keep me warm when I’m not wearing her. (Definitely a her.)

Then we hiked over to the west pasture and I told her about the big straw rolls that we moved last week.

Unfortunately AspenGlo got a bit tangled in the barbed wire while watching birds. Hate when that happens.

As we walked across the farmyard she spotted a friendly face and stopped to say hello.

Then we walked into the lavender field and I showed her the big plants and the few remaining spikes. She thought they smelled lovely.

I rested for a few minutes leaning against the gate between the garden and the barnyard. Memories of King and Casey welled up and I shared them with AspenGlo. She was touched too.

Enough of a hike I decided and brought in some wood. AspenGlo was introduced to the Wood King before I struck the match.

Ugh…enough anthropormorphizing. I’m making myself ill.

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