Dazed and Confused

No – I’m not writing about our first glimpse of Matthew McConaughey or reliving my horrid high school days. Although while we’re on the subject let’s just admit that he is very pretty and much better looking without that 1976 hair style, but aren’t we all?

The second weekend in September I found myself in a trance, truly in a daze as an auctioneer did his rapid-fire breath-defying-monologue. And during the long hours that I spent at this crazy car auction event I tried to knit on my Ozark Autumn shawl. I was already past the lovely leaves and working on the ever so simple eyelet middle section.


The numbers pouring out in the blurring speech was mind numbing. When I picked up the OA this weekend I found errors. Errors in such a simple pattern repeat made me quite embarrassed.

So while I sat under the pavilion manning our booth at the Walnut Valley Flatpicking Contest I picked up my Triangular Leaf Shawl and knit away with smoothness that washed away the memories of those nasty errors I found earlier. Yep, I feel better. Secure and safe in my ability to knit again. In fact, I bought yarn while in Winfield. That’ll Do Betty is a semi-local fiber fiend and spins some lovely yarn. Here it’s shown with the two partial balls of dark brown that I have left from the Heartland Shawl. The yarn from Betty is Corriedale Handspun, about 268 yards. Should do nicely for a thick scarf to wear with jeans don’t you think?

Because the Walnut River flooded when Ike passed through the midwest camping was a bit odd this year. Normally the WV event is a HUGE camping event. Folks arrive two weeks before the official event begins and do a Land Run. Really. But look what happened this year.

We’re not so hard core and ended up pitching our tent at the Cattle Auction Sale Barn. I was a bit hesitant when told to go to the Sale Barn but it was really nice. Not too many all night jam sessions, cattle lowing us to sleep, Killdeer squawking through the night… I felt quite at home.



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