Run Faster – Jump HIgher!

While in Tahlequah this week we stopped in the shoe store for me to buy a new pair of trainers to wear in the field. Which I did. But I also saw a pair of PF Flyers! Remember them? Chris tried to tell me they were not as cool as Converse. He completely didn’t get the notion that “PF Flyers make you run faster and jump higher!”

I had to explain that Converse were what you HAD to wear in gym class back in the day of gym uniforms but PF Flyers were cool. I thought everyone knew that! Of course, I think my brother was the only person in our family who ever got PF Flyers. So again, I am reminded that I was never cool.

This afternoon Chris brought me a catalog for Territory Ahead (one of my favorite mail order businesses) and they had PF Flyers! Apparently they are making a come back.

Maybe I can still be cool!



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