House of Three Gables

See that nicely mowed spot? Look closer, deep under the trees where it’s shady and the temperature is always a few degrees lower than the surrounding area. It’s peaceful and quiet. An idyll.

Tomorrow everything changes.

We’re building a house! Right there tucked up under the trees and perched on a bluff overlooking Clear Creek.

Here’s a look at the design called Three Gables.

Standing at the front door looking out of our new house is a grassy pasture. To the east is our lavender field. To the west is more pasture and woods (not to mention a few monks in black robes). To the south is a hefty drop off to an ever changing creek.
The excavator arrives tomorrow morning to begin the work. As much as I’m dreading upsetting the virgin soil, I’m so very excited about building a home for us on the farm.

Our home.



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