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I’m creating relief for myself. I’ve placed overwhelming tasks on my schedule that simply are not compatible with the season – the season of my life – the farming season.

It’s spring, almost summer, and I’m trying to read a 600-page history book. While John Adams is very interesting – I would probably be happier with just the letters between John and Abigail. Time for reading is at a minimum during the growing, weeding, harvesting season. The tome is set aside and for some reason I picked up Journal of a Solitude by May Sarton to reread. While not emotionally a light read, it fits how I feel.

As with reading, I’ve chosen the wrong knitting project for summer with the Morroccan Days Shawl. I’m not feeling the love of Morocco. Even with a second start, making the piece narrower I just am not happy with the lack of progress. It takes me forever to finish one row. It requires deep concentration – which is not always there at the end of a day in the field. Maybe I’ll be warmed by the lovely yellow yarn during the dark winter, and answer the call of Morocco.

After finishing the Encaje de la Llama stole, that I design for Lisa of Country Garden Farm, I’m starting another in a reddish-brown llama. This one is for me.

I’ve decided I need to separate my projects – a farm knitting project, a travel sock, and a Tulsa weekend project. I feel organized and prepared. So the second Encaje de la Llama will be my farm project. I have STR socks for car knitting. And today I signed up for the Heartland Shawl KAL on Ravelry. I’ve loved the look of this shawl since first glance. In Taos I saw it and fondled the yarn. Love the buffalo!

With building a new farmhouse, I’m going to spend a year knitting from the stash. REALLY. No more yarn purchases. The Heartland Shawl will be the perfect project for the lovely yarn that I received from the mill earlier this year. It’s a deep rich brown black in something between a worsted and sport. The yarn is a mix of merino churro rambelais wool and I have more than enough yarn.

Life is good when you create relief from self inflicted madness.


One thought on “Relief

  1. Life’s too short to knit things you don’t enjoy. Frog it and sooner or later it will tell you what it wants to be.

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