Close up on beading technique

Per Request!
Here are a few close up shots of beading with the dental threader. Notice the end of the stem is bent to create a hook. This helps to pick up your beads and grab the stitch. Click on the photos to enlarge.

First – the threader with beads strung.

Second – the hook grabs the stitch.

Third – the hook pulls the stitch from the needle.

Fourth – sliding the bead over the hook, which is pinched to the threader stem.

Fifth – placing the stitch back on the needle. Then release the hook and knit into the stitch.

I’d highly suggest practicing your beading technique on a pattern swatch. One of the differences betwen having beads on the working yarn and adding a bead via a hook is where the bead lands on the stitch. You may need to adjust up or down a stitch for the bead.
Another thing to keep in mind is if you are knitting a border that is bound off then stitches picked up along the long edge. The beads will be going in different directions if the border was knit one direction and the body another.

Chris just told me it’s a good thing that my nails were clean! Oh boy, I hadn’t thought of that!



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