Allow me to introduce you to my inner geek.

Blog world – meet Organizer Girl.

I’m sure everyone has a side of themself that jumps into overdrive just before a big knitting project is being tackled. For me, it involves a trip to Office Depot. Wandering down the aisles looking for just the right tools is fun. Yes, tools. These tools, just like jump rings and the right needles, will make my knitting experience better. At least that’s my rationalization.
First step is to make a color copy of every page of the pattern. That goes into a plastic folder in the file cabinet for safekeeping. I’ve been known to lose a page of instructions or spill coffee on a chart.
Safety first.
Sixteen pages of instructions for the Moroccan Days Arabian Nights Shawl require a binder. Clear view or basic white? D ring or C ring? It needs to lie flat. The soft clear binder is lighter in weight than the basic white binder but I could get two of the white ½ inch for the same price of one of the fancy light clear ones. The project may be toted in my knitting bag from time to time so I decide to splurge on the light-weight clear binder.
Sheet protectors are a must. I’ve got one or two at home but a new package is a wise investment.
That’s simple enough. Check out and rush home to play with my new school supplies.
I mean tools.
The color page with photos and finished measurements etc. goes into the binder cover pocket. That way I can spot it easy on the couch. There’s a small pocket inside the cover that in the non-knitting world holds business cards or CD’s. Perfect spot for my swatch.
Ohhhh the ride is gettin’ good.
I spread out the pages then group the charts together. Stitch notes go in another pile. A bit of cutting and taping is required since a few inches of written chart directions are on the same page as stitch notes. That’s fine I have scissors and tape (yes, in a nice dispenser). Schematic and Legend are put on a page alone. Everything gets a sheet protector.
I feel my mojo rushing.
Now to organize the flow of pages. Stitches notes – five pages. Schematic and legend can go next. Then the charts. Then the written translation of the charts.
I close my nice new Moroccan Days/Arabian Nights binder with the sigh of a job well done.
Then I crack it open again. Yep. This will do nicely.

If only the lace knitting will go so smoothly.


3 thoughts on “Allow me to introduce you to my inner geek.

  1. How is MD shawl going? I am wanting to knit with a bigger needle, but do not want a blanket. This shawl is really large and I have tried to figure out how to cut it down. Still working on that. Have cast on and am rethinking the pattern. Have already left out chart E, didn’t like it. That was 18 sts x a bizillion rows done away with.

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