Miles to go….

1900 yards equals 1.0795455 miles according to my trusty widget.

Last night at the wine bar (shouldn’t knit nights be always be held in wine bars?) as Cathy fondled my yarn for the Moroccan Days Arabian Nights Shawl she asked, “Have you ever balled this much yarn before?” Then in response to my horror stricken silence added, “It could take you a while.”

Not too bad though. Twenty minutes and probably the easiest part of the project was complete. I held my breath as the swift got close to the end of the skein. The yarn barely fit on the spool.

Bead shopping yesterday with Hillarey was a bust. Nothing in the exact size and not enough beads in any single color. This morning I ordered beads from Foxden, in both a topaz and an olive 8/0. Once they arrive I’ll decide which color to use. Choosing the color from an online source is a bit scary but the prices are very reasonable – especially for 5000 beads.

This week I’ll knit the swatches and finish up Chris’s socks while I wait for the beads to arrive.


2 thoughts on “Miles to go….

  1. I know what you mean about the winding of the yarn. I wound 4000 yards for mine and my friend. I thought I had messed up my shoulder again, but this time I did not baby it. I smacked it and said, “Don’t you even think about freezing up on me. I have to knit 2 shawls!”

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